Compliance Checks

Since 2006, TFS has partnered with Sarpy County Law Enforcement to conduct compliance checks of licensed tobacco retail establishments in the county.  

We can reduce youth access to tobacco products by conducting regular tobacco retail compliance checks throughout our community. Local law enforcement enlists the help of cooperating minors who use their own identification and make no attempt to look over eighteen years old.


See the results of our most current round of compliance checks. The following establishments failed the compliance check by selling tobacco products to a minor:

Business Address Failure Date
Bucky's Express #73 7203 Harrison St 2/2/2017
Pump & Pantry #47 6912 S 110 St 2/2/2017


FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Sarpy County Failures Master Database 2006 to CurrentPDF207.22 KB27 Apr, 2017 Download